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English Idioms in Use

Авторы: McCarthy Michael, ODell Felicity

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Издание полностью на английском языке.
English Idioms in Use is a vocabulary book for good intermediate level learners and above. It is prinarily designed as a self-study reference and practice text but it can also be used for classroom work.
English Idioms in Use:
- 60 easy-to-page units: idioms are presented and explained on left-hand pages with a range of practice exercises on right-hand pages;
- presents and explains idioms in typical context using short texts and clear example sentences;
- based on the most frequently used idioms from a corpus of written and spoken English and from the Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms;
- provides valuable information about appropriate usage;
- promote a good learning habits with study tips and follow-up tasks;
- contains a comprehensive, student-friendly answer key;
- includes a detailed index to help you find the idioms you are interested in.



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Издательство «Cambridge», 2009 г.

192 страницы

Формат: 195x265

Язык: Английский

ISBN: 9780521789578


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