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Enterprise 3. Workbook. Pre-Intermediate. Рабочая тетрадь

Авторы: Эванс Вирджиния, Дули Дженни

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Enterprise series is designed for learners of English at secondary level.
Enterprise 3, Enterprise Plus Pre-Intermediate and Enterprise 4 each consist of four modules and are designed for learners of English at secondary level. The coursebooks are designed to provide systematic preparation in all the skills required for successful communication, both in written and spoken form. The material is clearly structured and easy to use. The Students Book and the Workbook for each level are designed to be covered in approximately 100 to 120 hours of classroom work.
Enterprise Plus Pre-Intermediate is an alternative version of Enterprise 3 and is intended for use at the same level. It has the same core syllabus as Enterprise 3, but offers additional supplementary material:
- Curricular Cuts - a variety of texts on cross-curricular topics
- Additional two-page Listening & Speaking sections
- Literature Corner - extracts from well-known works of literature, with related language activities.
The Workbooks contain a variety of vocabulary, grammar, communication, reading and writing exercises.
The Teachers Books provide step-by-step teaching notes, extra ideas for optional activities, a full key to the exercises in the Students Books and the Workbooks, photocopiable assessment tests and the tapescripts of the listening exercises in the Students Books.



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Технические данные

Издательство «Express Publishing», 2015 г.

Серия «Enterprise 3»

72 страницы

Формат: 210x275

ISBN: 9781842168134


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